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Intelligent Social Media

Groups and Communities

Shared interests, incident management, circles of excellence, general preparedness. Users can find and join groups, share media and documents, participate in forums. Premium users can create public, private and hidden groups.

Secure Document Sharing

Documents are essential for operational fluidity and continuity. Plans, schematics, images, procedures, videos and more – Our platform handles documents of all types while giving users the ability to share and store documents securely.

Real-Time Collaboration

Whether it is for operational readiness, incident response, sharing of best practices or group communication, real-time collaboration is critical. Our platform and tools are built with collaboration as our number one priority.

Chat and Video Chat

Communicate in real-time with others in your network. From the desktop or our mobile app, stay in touch through standard chat, chat rooms and stunning video chat. Whether it is a simple “hello”, or a location scan for situational awareness, our platform allows you stay connected to your network.


A repository of specialized documents and files curated by subject matter experts. Our library serves as a knowledgebase filled with entries by members of the site and experts in their fields.  These documents are a simple search away for members and can have different levels of permission-based accesses applied.

And So Much More

From video walls, to geo-location, to at-a-glance credentials, to real-time data feeds, to custom member searches, to multiple levels of privacy, our platform provides the next evolution in social media through operational readiness. This is Intelligent Social Media. Join today to explore these features and so much more.

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