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VizCenter by ReadyStrong is a world-class premier social media and collaboration site that focuses on Preparedness and Individual and Group Readiness. Our goal is to be inclusive, not exclusive, and to provide a collaboration environment and tools in support of other sites and organizations who promote readiness.

There is so much bad information floating around the Internet these days, we thought it would be helpful to design and provide a site with professional levels of collaboration tools so that everyone could participate. Imagine a nation that is Ready, Strong and Confident! A nation where the people are part of the solution and not over taxing government agencies attempting to do the best they can with the resources they have! A people prepared makes for a nation to become ReadyStrong!

Many sites these days mean well, but it is difficult to sort through what amounts to nothing more than thousands of news feeds and a reposting of information that might be right or wrong. ReadyStrong provides you with world class experts, resources and information you can trust. We guarantee we can help you to become ReadyStrong!

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Membership Features and Benefits

  • Secure Site with a full range of collaboration tools
  • Blogs & Collaboration
  • Forums (Public and Private)
  • Chat
  • Resource Library (Documents, Images, Video, Links, etc.)
  • Secure Storage for Your Files
  • Collaboration Tools for Your Files
  • Constantly Updated
  • Broadcast quality video & Production
  • Certified and Professional Teachers
  • Groups/Communities for Topical Support

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